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Apple iPad 2 Remains Favourite Tablet Amongst Minorities

To run a successful online consumer business (or any business for that matter) it’s imperative to consistently gain new insights into your users' behavior. At Rebtel, we regularly issue our own survey studies, typically on consumer mobile device usage and behavior, and target them to certain subsets of our 10 million users.

Our most recent one, conducted earlier this year, went out to a sample group of respondents comprised of our own users divided into 13 different ethnic groups; India, Romania, Nigeria, Canada, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, China, US, Somalia, Bulgaria, Pakistan and Poland. It specifically focused on immigrant tablet adoption in the UK, and it boasts some intriguing results.

According to the survey, 15% of our respondents said they currently own a tablet device. Based on UK immigrant statistics from the National Office of Statistics, this figure represents approximately 115,000 Britons.

Out of the respondents that stated they currently don’t own a tablet; an impressive 55% said they intend to purchase one within the foreseeable future. Perhaps not that surprisingly, 63% out of this group of prospective buyers named Apple’s iPad as being the device they are most likely to buy.

Going back to look at current tablet owners, the iPad strikes gold yet again proving to be the most popular device of choice, with 58% reporting to have one. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab fell in second place at a mere 12%. As far as brand preference broken down by ethnicity of users, the iPad rules supreme amongst Bangladeshis, Bulgarians, Chinese and Indian, which account for the highest affinity marked by 76%, 81%, 71% and 65% respectively.

The novel format of tablet devices bring a completely new experience to the table for consuming media, and it’s fascinating to see that they are also being widely used as a tool to call family and friends abroad. 33% of the respondents in our study reported they’ve used it to place a call at some point in time.

With the ever so surging demand for tablet in general and iPads in specific, there’s little doubt 2011 is in fact proving to be the year of the tablet.