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Facebook Users' Personal Security At Risk From Stealth Face Recognition Update

Millions of Facebook users could find their personal security at risk, after the social network quietly rolled out facial recognition technology that can identify users' faces from images posted on the site, security vendor Sophos has warned.

The company warned of Facebook's indifference towards users' privacy back in May, claiming the company's policy of outing user data by default, and putting the onus on individuals to police their own privacy. Now that policy has been extended to the billions of images uploaded to the site, according to thinq_

Facial recognition isn't new to the social site - the company first introduced the technology last year to users in North America, enabling then to automatically recognise and tag faces in photographs uploaded to the site.

But the site has covertly deployed the feature on millions of user accounts around the world in the last few days, without giving them any notice - and users would be well advised to check their privacy settings and disable the feature if they're concerned about security.

Unless you disable the feature, each time one of your Facebook friends uploads a photograph, Facebook will try to determine if the picture looks like you. If it makes a positive ID, your friend will be urged to tag you.