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Google Docs Used As Phishing Tool For Fake Gmail De-activation Alert

Security experts have warned about a new phishing scam that is targeting Google Docs users across the web.

According to a blog post made by UK security firm Sophos, unsuspecting users are being targeted by fake emails which inform them that Google’s database is congested and it wants to shut down non-active accounts.

Users are asked to verify their account in order to continue accessing them or else Google will shut it down. Sophos warned that Google has not taken any such endeavour and Google’s Gmail database is not congested.

The company said that users are being fooled into providing their account and personal information due the legitimate Google Docs which users are asked to visit for verifying their accounts.

Scammers are using Google Docs because it provides a legitimate cover for their nefarious purpose and because anyone can create and host a document that has a address.

“As the link does point to a webpage hosted somewhere on, some computer users may believe that the form they are being directed to must be genuine,” Sophos said.

“However, it is actually pointing to a spreadsheet on Google Docs - pages which can be created by any Tom, Dick or Harry,” the company added.