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Google Rates C++ As The Most Complex, Highest Performing LAnguage

C++ has emerged as the best performing programming language in a benchmark test conducted by Google.

The company came up with with a compact algorithm, which did not use language specific features, to test the performance of C++, its own programming language Go, Java and Scala, Computing (opens in new tab)reports.

The benchmark tests conducted on the languages were done to determine the factors of difference, Google said.

"We find that in terms of performance, C++ wins out by a large margin," Google said in a research paper, but added that the language requires the “most extensive tuning efforts, many of which were done at a level of sophistication that would not be available to the average programmer”.

Scala had very powerful language features which allowed developers to easily optimise complex code.

Java, which forms a major component of Google’s Android platform, was the simplest to implement, according to Google but added that it was extremely hard to analyse performance on the platform.

Meanwhile, Google’s own programming language, Go, which has been under development since 2007, was unable to compete when tested against its older counterparts. Google concluded that the platforms compiler was ‘immature’.