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IBM Rational Speeds Application Development Through Collaboration

IBM has dished out a new platform that will allow businesses to speed application development via collaboration.

The platform, launched at the Innovate conference, will allow developers to collaborate with each other through the entire software development process. The company said that businesses will be able to access resources that were once restricted by global boundaries.

According to IBM, the new Collaborative Design Management platform will allow businesses to integrate the software development process with the business process and operations, which would not only speed the development process but will also them to easily allocate resources.

The software has been based on IBM’s Jazz open software development platform that allows resource sharing and interactions between software and system design teams. IBM said that the software also utilises IBM’s Rational Rhapsody Design Manager and Rational Software Architect Design Manager platforms.

Using the software, the development teams will be able to integrate the designs with other equally important processes like requirements, code, and quality management assets.

The software, launched under IBM Rational, will also integrate Rational Requirements Composer, Rational Team Concert and Rational Quality Manager for a higher level of collaboration.

"A collaborative software development platform integrating the entire end-to-end software and systems lifecycle is needed for true innovation," IBM rational general manager Kristof Kloeckner said.