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Internet Heavyweights Encourage IPv6 Adoption, Allow IPv6 Traffic To Their Sites

As the dooms day for the IPv4 addresses has started knocking at our doors, a handful of internet giants including Google, Mozilla, Yahoo and Facebook, just to name a few, are believed to be leading the efforts to test and adopt the new IPv6 internet protocol.

Today is the World IPv6 Day - the day internet pundits have been prophesying for years now. As a celebration for this global event, numerous websites led by the heavyweights mentioned above are allowing IPv6 traffic on their pages to test the effectiveness of the preparations made by researchers to replace IPv4 with the IPv6 protocol.

All these participants of the now, on-going tests have put all sorts of efforts by tweaking their sites to ensure a flaw-free trial of what it can be termed as the “Noah’s boat” in the virtual world.

Earlier in the month, Internet Society’s Chief Technology Officer Leslie Daigle expressed her point of view on the event by saying: "It's an exciting opportunity to take IPv6 for a test flight and try it on for a full 24 hours. Hopefully, we will see positive results from this trial so we will see more IPv6 sooner rather than later".

"Participating in World IPv6 Day will allow us to obtain real-life data that we can use to ensure a seamless user experience as we transition to IPv6," said Adam Bechtel, vice president of Yahoo's Infrastructure Group, in a statement.