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iOS 5 announced

Software and hardware maker Apple has unveiled at their Worldwide Developers Conference the latest update to their mobile device platform in the iOS 5, found on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch products.

Traditionally at the June WWDC event a new iPhone is launched, as was the case in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. Only this year and for the very first time, no handset was announced by Apple – just a new version of the device's operating system.

Apple previewed at the event iOS 5 and at the same time released a beta version to the developer program members. IOS 5 brings with it 200 new features, which includes Notification Center, iMessage, Newsstand and Twitter integration.

The new notification center delivers an easy way to view and manage notifications in one place without any interruption, where iMessage is a new messaging service that allows the sending of text messages, photos and videos between all iOS devices and from one app.

Apple’s Newsstand is a new way to purchase and organise newspaper and magazine subscriptions, where there’s now a new PC free set up feature that allows activation and software updates over the air – with no computer required.

Twitter will be integrated into iOS 5, where once signed in the users can directly tweet from twitter enabled apps, such as Photos, Camera, Safari, YouTube and Maps where third party developers can now develop Twitter better integration too.

Also launched at WWDC is iCloud that’s an Apple service that seamlessly integrates to automatically and wirelessly keep all of the mail, contacts, calendars, photos, apps, books, music up-to-date across devices without ever having to connect to a computer and 5GB of storage space.

The new platform is due to arrive this fall, for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch supported devices.

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