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Are iOS 5 Improvements Borrowed From Other OS?

Apple has just revealed the new features of iOS 5 and one thing has become obvious to everybody: the company’s novelties are not that new, other operating systems have already been offering them individually, Apple has just put them together in a single OS.


Android has always had the upper hand over iOS in terms of notifications. Apple drew some inspiration from Android and has brought notifications that no longer stop active apps.

Camera opens from lock-screen:

Users will now be happier since they can launch the camera app straight from the lockscreen and start taking photos almost immediately. Yes, Windows Phone 7 included this feature before iOS.

Over-the-air updates:

iOS users will finally be able to use the over-the-air update feature and download the latest updates directly on their iOS gadgets. You've guessed it: Android and Nokia offered this feature long before Apple.


iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users will be able to use their devices to send messages and see when somebody is typing in real time. Since the whole iOS family is now compatible with iMessage, many BlackBerry Messenger fans might switch to iOS.

Wireless media sync with Zune:

iOS users will be able to use Zune to sync all the media content wirelessly. It appears that Apple has realized the potential of this underdog and decided to use it.

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