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iTunes 10.3 Includes Auto-Download, Free Re-Downloads And iBooks

Apple has released the new iTunes 10.3 which comes with some new and interesting features, highlighted by Steve Jobs during his WWDC keynote.

The new iTunes platform will come with an automatic download feature that will instantly download and install new content purchased from iTunes including music, apps and books on users’ Mac and iOS devices, MacObserver (opens in new tab)reports.

The platform will also come with a re-download feature that will allow users to download previously purchased music from iTunes to their devices at no additional costs.

iTunes 10.3 will allow users to browse, purchase and download ebooks available on the iBooks platform. The books purchased will be automatically downloaded to registered iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Apple has yet to offer a way for users to read iBooks on traditional a Mac or Windows system. Users can only download the iBooks and sync them to iOS devices but can’t read them.

These iTunes storage and sync services are a part of Apple’s newly launched iCloud service, which was unveiled by Steve Jobs during the World Wide Developer Conference on Monday. Apple also revealed the new iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion operating system platforms.

Steve Jobs returned temporarily from medical leave to reveal Apple's new products, including iTunes 10.3 and iCloud.