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Apple Mac OS X Lion To Cost $29.99

The next version of Mac OS X Lion 10.7 will be available in July worldwide for a mere $29.99 which is the same price as the Snow Leopard update.

Apple sells the Snow Leopard update in the UK for £26 but Lion will only cost £20.99. Mac users still on Tiger or earlier versions will have to buy the Mac Box Set which costs a whopping £122 but comes with a full version of Snow Leopard, iLife '11 and iWork.

Lion is the eighth iteration of Mac OS X to be launched in a decade and this one includes 250 new features out of which ten were demoed yesterday during the opening WWDC keynote.

Lion is the first Mac OS X operating system to adopt a number of features from its other popular operating system, iOS, which has now roughly four times the number of users as its desktop sibling (54 million vs 200 million).

Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing, confirmed that Mac marketshare had grown by 28 per cent in the last quarter while the rest of the market had shrunk in comparison.

The developer preview of the OS will be available now and Mac OS X 10.7 will only be downloadable from the Mac App Store as a 4GB file.

There won't be any shrink wrapped version which spells trouble for online retailers who won't be able to sell the application. Snow Leopard is still the best selling operating system at Amazon. Below is the official video of Mac OS X.