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Man From York Faces Extradition For Attempting To Hack Facebook

Law enforcement officials have arrested a man from York for allegedly trying to hack into Facebook.

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation was investigating a hacking attempt on the social networking giant. Their investigation led them to a 26-year-old in York, who was arrested by the Metropolitan Police’s e-crime unit .

The man from York is the first person to be arrested in the UK in an investigation that was looking into a large scale hacking attempt on Facebook. In addition to arresting the man, the police also seized his computer and other devices which will be examined.

Law officials claimed that the man could be extradited to the US where he could face up to 10 years in jail. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed that no consumer data had been compromised during the attack.

“While no user data was compromised, we have been working with Scotland Yard and the FBI, as we take any attempt to hack our internal systems extremely seriously. However, we have no further comment as this is an ongoing criminal investigation,” said a Facebook spokesperson, The Press reports.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police department said that the the man had been arrested on ‘suspicion of computer hacking offences’.