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Moshi Monsters Has Over 50 Million Players

Moshi Monsters, the popular online gaming and virtual pet website, can now boast of having over 50 million users worldwide, site owner Mind Candy announced.

Half of children in the UK aged 6 - 12 own one of the virtual pets, with more signing up all the time. Growth is strong outside the UK as well; a new child buys one of the moshi monsters every second, according to Mind Candy.

Moshi Monsters was launched by the UK-based media and entertainment company in 2008.

The company also revealed that it is looking to pocket £60 million from the game and from related merchandises in the coming year.

The virtual pet website, which was originally aimed at the children in the 6 - 12 age group, has now spread to other demographics and other product lines. It's popularity has led to dedicated Moshi Monster computer games, a magazine, toys, trading cards, as well as a pop-up shop.

It has been reported that a Moshi Monster movie and a TV show are currently in the works.

"We've hit 50 million users and have even more ambitious plans ahead. Our vision is to build the largest entertainment brand in the world for this new digital generation of kids," said founder and CEO of Mind Candy, Michael Acton Smith, The Sun (opens in new tab) reports.