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Mozilla Launches Probable Chrome OS Competitor, Codenamed Webian Shell

Mozilla Labs has unveiled a new browser oriented user interface for desktop PCs and laptops which is being hailed as a competitor to Google’s Chrome OS.

Mozilla believes that pretty much everything that happens on a PC is done on a web browser and the desktop simply ‘gets in the way’.

The Webian Shell platform is a full screen web browser for devices that don’t require a desktop to perform operations, Mozilla said.

The platform will replace a computer’s graphical interface entirely and will allow users to access the web and perform tasks using web applications seamlessly.

“This initial early release really just gives you a minimalist, full screen, tabbed web browser with a clock and a rather empty looking home screen,” Ben Francis, a contributor to the Chromeless project said in a blog post.

“I hope this is enough to convey the basic idea behind the project and that with the open source community’s help we can quickly iterate this prototype to encompass lots of exciting ideas about what living on the web could really be like,” he added.

The Webian Shell 0.1 is based on the Chromeless projects and uses several web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.