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Mozilla Thunderbird 5 Beta Launched

Web browser maker Mozilla has launched the first ever beta version of the Thunderbird 5, the company’s new-generation email messaging client.

According to the company, the updated pre-release version of the software brings along with it a new Add-ons Manager, an extension management API, revised account creation wizard, an improved troubleshooting information page, as well as several other UI patches and improvement.

“While this milestone is considered to be stable, it is intended for developers and members of our testing community to use for evaluation and feedback,” Mozilla wrote in a blog post.

“Users of this latest beta version of Thunderbird should not expect all of their add-ons to work properly with this milestone,” it added.

As of now, the Thunderbird 5 looks kind of similar to the tabbed-interface approach that the company adopted with the Thunderbird 3. However, the latest release adds more to that by allowing users to reorder, or even drag the tabs to different windows according to their own convenience.

However, it is very much possible that with the final release of the product, the company will make some more adjustments, as well as will fine-tune the existing features of this widely popular email messaging client.