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New Process Architecture And Extension Support For Safari 5.1

Safari 5.1 is the new browser version from Apple that promises to bring enhanced CSS3 support, full screen application programming interface, improved audio and video caching for HTML 5 based web apps, extension support as well as better graphics performance for Windows systems, Apple Insider reveals.

The browser will also be more stable and respond faster due to the enhanced process architecture which deals with the rendering process and the app process separately. Security and stability features have both been upgraded thanks to the plug-in process, which is separated from other processes.

Safari 5.1 is also more developer-friendly due to Safari Extensions. The browser will send developers notifications when a new window or tab has been opened or when it has become inactive. Other new features include Extension Menus and Extensions Pop-over. Extension Menus will enable developers to create customizable menus via the browser’s interface while Pop-over will let them offer customized content to users without interfering with or damaging the content that has already been loaded in the browser.

Support for CSS3 Transitions and Animations, CSS3 Auto-hyphenation/ Text Emphasis/ Vertical Text, MathML and WOFF is also available. Safari 5.1 is using the Web Kit 2.0 engine.

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