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Oracle Offers Heavy Discounts On Its Exadata Hardware And Software

Oracle is offering heavy discounts on the software and hardware for its Exadata database platform in a bid to drive sales.

In the past few months, Oracle has offered discounts of up to 70 percent and 30 percent on its Exadata software and hardware respectively, Search Data Center (opens in new tab) reports.

Experts believe that the discounts offered by the company were due to the fact that it wanted to drive sales before the fiscal quarter ended on May 31. The impact of the heavy discounts will be seen when Oracle announces the fourth quarter result on June 23.

One source told the blog that the discount offered by Oracle is based on the list price of the software license deal. For example, for a software license deal worth $250,000, the company offers a discount of 45 percent to 50 percent.

While the discounts and Oracle’s pricing plans for Sun servers and its own database software are good enough for several large organisations, many mid-sized and small companies that rely on Oracle’s database services are planning to move to Microsoft SQL due to the large maintenance and support fees being charged by Oracle.

Oracle says that it sells well to its existing client base and that the discount is meant to expand to companies who are not yet using Oracle's IT solutions.