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RSA Offers To Replace 40 Million SecurID Tokens

RSA Security has offered security monitoring and SecurID token replacement to its customers after it was discovered that hackers broke into Lockheed Martin servers using compromised RSA data.

In March, RSA suffered a cyber attack on its own servers with hackers apparently gaining access to SecurID data. SecurID is a security token that allows employees to securely log in to a company’s servers.

Defence contractor Lockheed Martin suffered a massive attack on its servers and an investigation into the attack revealed that hackers had used data stolen from RSA servers to access the Lockheed Martin's system.

RSA is offering to replace all 40 million SecurID tokens used by employees of its corporate customers.

The company is also offering security monitoring software that will scan the network for unusual user behavior.

“We remain highly confident in the RSA SecurID product as the leading multi-factor authentication solution, and we also feel strongly that the specific remediations we have provided to customers will help to deliver the highest levels of customer protection," said RSA chairman Art Coviello, V3 (opens in new tab)reports.

"However, we recognise that the increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks generally, and the recent announcements by Lockheed Martin, may reduce some customers' overall risk tolerance."