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Skype Down: 90 Per Cent Of Concurrent Users Offline

More than 90 per cent of Skype users are apparently offline according to the latest update we've got from Skype's concurrent user monitor that is located at the bottom left of the client screen (under the "call phones" pad).

As of now, it is hovering at around 2.2 million users online while usually it's around 27 million Skype users online at any one time. This could mean that more than 90 per cent of users have been knocked offline, a number that Skype described as a "small number" in a post earlier today.

Skype's service has been patchy at best with users being signed in and out of the service without any apparent reasons. Skype reached around 30 million concurrent users at the same time back in March 2011 but hasn't been able to reach that number since the end of May 2011.

The latest update on the site's Heartbeat blog by Peter Parkes mentions that a configuration problem has been identified which meant that "some" users were disconnected from Skype.

Skype has been able to identify the problem and has begun to address it, saying that users should see an improvement over the next hour or so. Furthermore they should not need to manually sign back into Skype in order to use the service.

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