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Skype down for the count once again

Skype users around the world are reporting trouble signing in to their accounts and using the popular VoIP software - and so far there's nothing from the company explaining the cause of the issue.

Users report issues - verified here at thinq_ HQ - signing in to the service, making or receiving calls, and even using the text-based instant messaging functionality built in to the software. While some users are able to sign in, others receive a variety of errors - and many users who can sign in find themselves kicked off the service.

So far, there's no explanation from Skype as to what's causing the outage, with the company's service status page claiming there are no issues beyond some localised outgoing call problems in Brazil.

The outage appears similar to that which hit the company late last month, although at the time of writing the Skype website is still operational - little consolation to those who rely on the company's services, sadly.

We've reached out to Skype for comment, and as soon as we know what's going on we'll let you know.

UPDATE 12:23
Skype's Peter Parkes has confirmed that users are experiencing problems. "A small number of users may have problems signing in to Skype," he explained. "We're investigating the cause, and hope to have more details to share soon."

UPDATE 13:31
Peter Parkes offers more insight into the issue. "We've identified the cause of the problem, and have begun to address it. If you've been affected, you should start to see improvement in the next hour or so. You shouldn't need to manually sign back in to Skype - it should reconnect automatically when it's able to do so." Here at thinq_ we're still struggling to sign in, with occasional brief bursts of connectivity that sadly don't last long.

UPDATE 14:54
Despite promises of a fix, issues remain. "We are continuing to address today's problems," Parkes has told us, "and are seeing indications that the situation is improving. We apologise for the disruption to your conversations." There is still no explanation of what the problem is, beyond a 'configuration issue.' monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.