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Sony Swaps NGP For Playstation Vita

Sony has renamed its next generation gaming console, the NGP, as the Playstation Vita and presented it in all its glory at an E3 event earlier today.

The device comes with a high resolution touchscreen display as well as front and rear touch controls; the first portable gaming console to offer both.

Sony will also offer a Wi-Fi only as well as a 3G model for $249 and $299 respectively; again a first for a gaming console and something which brings the Vita even closer to the mobile world.

The Playstation Vita will be available in the US, Europe and Japan by the end of the year, in time for Christmas, with retail prices in Europe reaching €249 and €299 respectively.

AT&T will be the exclusive mobile network partner for Sony in the US originally but it has yet to be seen whether the Japanese company chooses the same strategy in other territories as well.

Sony's Corporate executive officer and executive VP, Kaz Hirai, told an audience of thousands that the "PlayStation Vita will revolutionise the portable entertainment experience [and will give] you the most complete entertainment package in the palm of your hands."

Engadget published a very short hands-on of the gaming console and said that although the Vita was bigger than an iPhone or any other big smartphone like the HTC Evo, it was easy to carry and while its casing was made of plastic, it wouldn't distract from the console's playability.