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Split Keyboard For iPad In iOS 5

Apple introduced some of its novelties for iOS 5 at WWDC yesterday. One new feature the company is planning to incorporate in iOS 5 is a split keyboard codenamed "Grab Handles". This new user-experience is extremely useful for iPad tablet owners who have to hold the tablet with both hands and thumb type at the same time.

Thumb typing was practically an impossible task because users could not reach the keys from the middle of the keyboard. iOS 5 offers users the possibility to split the virtual keyboard into two parts so that all keys become reachable with their thumbs when the tablet is held in both hands. All users need to do is press the handle button and the keyboard will split instantly.

The split keyboard feature offered by iOS 5 is not a new concept, since ultra mobile PC systems incorporated it many years ago and Windows has recently introduced the feature in its Windows 8 previews. It seems that Apple has borrowed many useful features from other operating systems (notifications, OTA updates or iMessage), improved them and included them all in a single operating system, iOS 5.

All in all, Grab Handles is a very useful feature when there is no table or desk around for users to put their tablet on.

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