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Steve Jobs Makes Rare Outing To Unveil iCloud

Steve Jobs made a rare public appearance on Monday to unveil iCloud, the latest offering by the iPhone maker, and one of the most anticipated new services of the year.

The iCloud is a cloud-based service that enables iOS users to upload their photos, music, videos or other files on an Apple server, allowing them to access those files from anywhere and from any platform be it other iOS devices such the iPad, an iMac, even a PC.

All users need to do to accomplish it is sign into their iTunes account, and they instantly get access to their stored files on the iCloud server.

To attract more users, Apple is providing a basic, free service to get people started. Users can sign up for free, and they are given 5 GB of storage space for personal use.

But this 5 GB data-limitation is not valid for products such as music, books or apps that users purchase from Apple stores, which can be stored in unlimited amounts.

This also holds for the photo streaming feature, which was recently introduced into the iOS 5 platform, allowing users to store up to 1000 of their latest images.

Jobs unveiled the new iCloud service alongside iTunes 10.3, which acts as the gateway for the new cloud and music-streaming service.