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UK Readies List Of Extremist Websites To Block

The UK government is planning to create a ‘national blocking list’ that will block websites that support terrorism and extremism.

The block list will be a part of the government’s refresh of its 2007 Prevent strategy that was aimed at countering home-grown terrorism.

The UK Home Secretary Theresa May will be outlining the government’s plans to prevent people from accessing websites with terror and extremist views in schools, colleges, libraries and health care institutions.

The government will also cease to give funds to groups that promote extremism and terrorism. Under the new program, around 20 percent of organisations that received funds from the government will no longer receive them. May admits that millions of pounds have been wasted in anti-extremism projects overseas that have failed to yield any benefits.

“We want to ensure users in schools, libraries, colleges and immigration removal centres are unable to access unlawful material. The internet has transformed the extent to which terrorist organisations and their sympathisers can radicalise people in this country and overseas.” the report prepared by the government read, The Daily Sun (opens in new tab) reports.

The government plans to come up with a filtering software that will prevent access to websites that break the law by promoting extremist views and hatred.