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Apple Brings iOS 5 To Battle Against Google Android

Apple introduced its upcoming iOS 5 at WWDC heating up the competition even more between the main mobile OS developers; though bringing welcomed improvements, iOS 5 is not a revolutionary system.

iOS 5 will bring 200 new user features such as iMessage, deep Twitter integration, revamped notifications, an improved Safari version, Gaming Center and camera upgrades. Many of these features are not brand new, however; Apple has simply taken them from other OSs and made them better.

iOS 5 will let users start the camera app from the lock screen; the same function is offered by Microsoft’s mobile OS.

Apple’s iOS 5 will run on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad2 and iPod Touch 4; Google revealed in May that its new "Ice Cream Sandwich" OS would run on all Android-based gadgets.

iOS 5’s new Gaming Centre will let gamers interact more with other players, according to Steve Jobs. Turn-based games, more customization and social interaction options are available, he added. Google is also planning to offer peer to peer connection via NFC so that gamers can compete directly against one another while playing Android games.

Apple’s revamped notification system and OTA updates somehow copy Android’s automatic update system. Users can access the "Notification Center" anytime to view tweets, messages or app downloads by swiping down on the display.

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