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Apple iOS 5 Beta Already Jailbroken

Apple’s iOS 5 is just as vulnerable as all the other operating systems the company has launched. The proof? iOS 5 has been jailbroken in less than 24 hours, CNET News (opens in new tab) reveals.

This is not the first time a new iOS has been jailbroken so quickly. Hackers jailbroke the gold master version of iOS 4 just one day after Apple released it to developers.

MuscleNerd of iPhone Dev Team announced via Twitter yesterday that iOS 5 is vulnerable to the limera1n exploit, and added that third party app installer Cydia can be installed on iOS 5. The jailbroken device was an iPod Touch 4 running the beta version of iOS 5 offered by Apple to developers after WWDC. MuscleNerd posted two photos of the jailbroken iPod featuring the Cydia logo on the home screen and the SSH iOS app.

However, this is only a tethered jailbreak solution and users have to repeat the jailbreak process if they reboot their iOS gadgets.

MuscleNerd is not the only one to have jailbroken iOS 5. Mert Erdir, an amateur developer has also done it by tricking iOS’s Voice Over feature, Gizmodo reported.

Apple is expected to launch iOS 5 this autumn. Meanwhile, the company will definitely release other beta versions before the official public launch takes place, which means the tech giant could solve the vulnerabilities and security issues.

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