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Apple Plans New Spaceship-Like Campus

New reports have revealed that Steve Jobs, chief executive officer of Apple is currently planning to build a brand new corporate campus in Cupertino, California comprising of a spaceship-like building.

Jobs reportedly went on to meet the Cupertino City Council last evening to demonstrate the plans for the new infrastructure. According to reports, the CEO does not intend to replace the existing campus at the Infinite Loop Drive, instead wants to augment it.

Jobs also said that the current campus can accommodate only 2,800 employees, far less than the actual number of employees, which stands at 12,000 currently working at the old campus.

"Apple is growing like a weed. It's clear we need to build a new campus," the CEO told the City Council, CNET (opens in new tab)reports.

"Think about that, that's rather odd, 12,000 people in one building. We've seen these office parks with lots of buildings--and they get pretty boring pretty fast. So we'd like to do something better than that," he added.

Explaining a bit more about the proposed design of the new building, Jobs told the Council, “It's a bit like a spaceship landed."

Apple has grown rapidly in recent years as it has become not only a major tech firm but also a major telecommunications company and successful retailer.