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Can't be bothered to read iBooks to your brats?

Apple released a new version of its iOS app iBooks today with a new feature that reads books to kids.

The Read Aloud function was supposed to have automatically turned pages and read passages to kiddywinks helping them to learn to read.

But something is afoot at Apple as all of the 44 books which originally had the feature seem to have been withdrawn from sale.

We're not sure if it's as a result of a backlash from annoyed parents who don't want their sproglets permanently plumbed into an iDevice, especially at bed-time, or a technical hitch, but we've failed to find a single book which works with the word-by-word human narration.

We managed to download a sample of the one title we could find featuring Read Aloud, Biscuit Goes to School, but it constantly crashes our iPhone every time we try to open it.

There's some confusion over which books use the feature, with Dragon's Alphabet Soup being mentioned by some tech sites, but that's simply a book with audio snippets embedded.

Apart from that, the author seems to think 'D for Donut', 'H for Hamburger' and 'X for X-shaped cookies' (we kid you not) are suitable foodstuffs for pre-schoolers. It's enough to make Jamie Oliver swallow his own tongue.

Version 1.3 of the iBooks app also fixes some bugs and opens large books faster according to Apple's release notes. But if you were hoping to avoid reading bedtime stories tonight, think again. The missus had better put the negligee back in the bottom drawer as well.