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Chrome 12 Fixes 15 Vulnerabilities, Allows You To Delete LSOs

Google has upgraded its Chrome web browser to version 12, patching 15 vulnerabilities in the process.

The Chrome 12 web browser also heralds the death of Google’s Gear Box project which offered offline web app tools.

According to Google, the Chrome 12 comes with fixes for 15 security vulnerabilities. Google informed that security vulnerability bounty hunters have received around $10,000 for discovering vulnerabilities in the new browser, ComputerWorld (opens in new tab)reports.

Google has enhanced the security on the web browser, allowing users to get notifications when they download a malicious file from the web.

Google was quick to point out that the feature was designed in such a way that neither Google nor Chrome will be able to see which URL users visited when they encountered a malicious file. The new Chrome will also allow users to delete the Flash LSO files from within the web browser. This change is seen as particularly important because Flash LSO files are increasingly being used to track people online, with and without their consent.

Google has also improved the graphic capabilities of the web browser, bringing support for hardware-accelerated 3D CSS technology used by some websites and web apps.