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Google, Facebook And Others Switch To IPv6 For A Day

Internet giants will celebrate IPv6 Day today by moving their platforms to the new internet protocol for the next 24 hours.

The world has almost run out of the old IPv4 addresses and technology giants have taken on themselves to urge websites to move to the new protocol as soon as possible.

The World IPv6 Day is an initiative started by several big internet companies including Akamai, Bing, Facebook, Google, Limelight Networks and Yahoo. Their aim is to not only try the new protocol but to demonstrate how others can move to the new protocol.

Verisign, the registry that deals with high-end .com and .net domains, believes that tech firms would need to do more than host a World IPv6 Day in order to convince everyone to move to the new protocol, The Inquirer (opens in new tab) reports.

The company is urging websites to study the new protocol deeply before moving to it. Verisign is encouraging its customers to security of services like email and third party application. The company also said that transition to IPv6 was more then asking the internet registery for a bunch of IPv6 addresses.

“We certainly anticipate a long period of transitional co-existence between IPv4 and IPv6, and will do our part to foster optimal deployment models that best consider the constraints and embrace the opportunity IPv6 affords,” said Danny McPherson, chief security officer at Verisign.