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Google To Integrate Analytics Into Its Webmaster Tool

Google has announced that it will integrate the data collected from Google Webmasters Tool with Google Analytics.

The program, which is in ‘limited pilot’ phase, will bring Search Engine Optimisation reports to Google Analytics, using the Search Queries data available in the Webmaster Tool.

In a post (opens in new tab)on the Google Webmaster Central Blog, apart from the Search Queries data, the Search Engine Optimisation reports will also make use of advanced filtering and visualisation capabilities that come with the Google Analytics tools.

This feature could significantly help webmasters perform deeper data analysis. For example, using the new integration, webmasters will be able to see search queries that have had more than 100 clicks and see, via a chart, how these queries contributed to the site's overall click rate.

“The initial release will be a set of reports in Google Analytics using search data from Google Webmaster Tools. This includes query information, clicks, impressions, click-through rate, and average position. You’ll also be able to use Google Analytics advanced data filtering and visualizations with this data,” the company explained.

Google said that in order to receive SEO reports, webmasters needed to sign up for the pilot program and should be a Webmaster Tool verfied website owner and a Google Analytics administrator.