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How To Upgrade Your iPhone 4 or iPad 2 To iOS 5 Now

What could well be the simplest ever way of upgrading your iOS device to a new beta firmware has been published by a reader from Gizmodo, the website which attracted much attention when it published pictures of the iPhone 4 last year.

Apple is likely to be unappreciative of the publication of this article as well, given that it has already attracted more than 150,000 views since its publication a few hours ago.

Kudos first to Mert Erdir who wants to be a pro developer and says that he just wants to get the attention of Apple, the company he's in love with.

The method he published exploits a security vulnerability related to the Voice Over System, and while it might just be a rather straight forward process, be warned that users will be proceeding at their own risk.

First you need to download the iOS 5 IPSW which is currently in beta AND available from Google or from popular torrent websites. Just be careful not to follow any dodgy links and sites that may ask you for payment.

Then connect your iDevice to your computer and iTunes and then click on the "Check for update" while pressing on the Shift key (in Windows) and select the appropriate IPSW file.

After it has updated, a new activation screen will appear, at which point you need to activate the iOS 5. The rest of the procedure can be found here (opens in new tab).

Note that there are contradicting reports as to whether you will be able to downgrade to iOS 4.3.3 afterwards, whether you will be able to unlock your iPhone or if you will be able to make phone calls at all.

Désiré Athow

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