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iOS 5 On iPhone 5 May Look A Lot Like RIM's Blackberry

Some might say that the inclusion of iMessage, the new messaging service from Apple, will allow the iPhone 5 to suck the life out of RIM and its Blackberry OS platform by removing one of the last unique features it could pride itself on.

iMessage will allow iOS users to send text messages, photos and videos between all iOS devices, either to an individual or to a group. It is built right in the Messages application and because it is iCloud-compatible, all your messages are pushed on all synced iOS devices in one go.

As with Blackberry Messenger, there are receipts both for receiving and reading messages. Note that Mac users won't get iMessage at the moment although, like Facetime, it is likely to be available in the future.

Furthermore, the launch of iMessage means that suddenly, Apple is at the helm of an iMessage user base of more than 200 million users (bearing in mind that all iOS devices will be equipped with it by default).

More interestingly, you will be able to text contacts on other platforms from within the same app although you will have to foot the fee for the text/SMS.

This is why the arrival of iMessage will not give mobile network operators a heart attack. Most UK operators have unlimited text bundles available for all but their cheapest contracts. iMessage is only another conduit to use that allowance.