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Live Measurements For World IPv6 Day Now Available

Today is World IPv6 Day, when some of the biggest names in technology will be testing their readiness for the IPv6 protocol over 24 hours in order to make sure they can make the transition from IPv4 without any issues.

Not For Profit Organisation RIPE NCC has put forward an interesting series of charts and tools which provides regular updates as to whether participating websites have been implementing IPv6 correctly or not. At the time of writing 54 participants from 40 vantage points had been monitored with nearly five milion measurements taken.

How ready are the companies? A quick HTTP map published by RIPE NCC shows that even Google has had some HTTP failures in Italy, United Kingdom and Mauritania.

Daniel Karrenberg, chief scientist at RIPE NCC, explained "Operational experience and measurements on World IPv6 Day will help content providers and ISPs to identify and rectify any potential problems with delivering services over IPv6."

Amongst the participants, it's worth noting the conspicuous absence of Apple and Amazon, two of the biggest names in technology worldwide. Both are likely to have implemented IPv6 across their infrastructure but have possibly declined to take part.