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LulzSec hits US security firm Black & Berg

Cheeky hacking outfit LulzSec has struck again, hitting the website of US security consultants Black & Berg Security - the company run by would-be "US National Security Advisor", Joe Black

The merry pranksters hit the site's home page after the ill-favoured company issued a Security Challenge, offering a $10,000 bounty to anyone who could change the home page picture.

Some challenges, it seems, are too good to turn down. But the hacker group declined their rightful reward - the hit was, it appears, just "for the lulz".

Just hours earlier Joe Black, CEO of Black & Berg CyberSecurity Consulting, quipped somewhat cockily to the group on Twitter:

"Black & Berg Cybersecurity Consulting appreciate all the hard work that you're putting in. Your Hacking = Clients for us. Thx ~Joe"

Either it's an attempt at entrapment, or we wonder if he's regretting that one now.

LulzSec's move follows a busy week for the group, which saw it breach security at Infragard, Nintendo, and Sony.