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Motorola gets wild

American telecommunications giant Motorola’s mobile phone division Motorola Mobility has announced the Wilder handset, a budget and resilient handset for just £49.95.

The Motorola Wilder is a touch screen mobile phone that’s geared up for social networking, with built-in access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Myspace plus a second screen on the handset for receiving messages.

Wilder’s secondary screen is located just below the main screen and is used for receiving incoming messages, whilst not interrupting the main display. These messages could be from social networking sites, friends and family in addition to being able to display details of the music track, currently being played.

The new Moto mobile is also splash and dust resistant, although not as arduous at their Defy phone it will still survive life’s little scrapes and knocks.

Motorola’s Wilder arrives with a 2.8-inch touch screen, with a 2 megapixel camera along with FM radio streaming and a range of preinstalled aps such as the Need for Speed game, Tetris, Soundhound and the Opera mini web browser.

Motorola Mobility’s Wilder handset is due to arrive at Carphone Warehouse in July for £49.95; the same cost as the new Moto RAZR 'Gleam' mobile phone with CPW.

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