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Noon News: RIM Acquires Scoreloop, Evernote Has 10 Million Users, PlayBook Updated, World IPv6 Day

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion has acquired Scoreloop, a San Francisco based company, primarily known for its widely popular cross-multi platform social gaming network for Android, Bada and iOS users. The move, according to many, will boost the Waterloo-based tech giant’s effort to integrate social-networking platforms into the applications featured by its BlackBerry phones and Playbook tablets.

Evernote has reached the 10 million user mark, with the company giving every employee an iPad 2 to celebrate the milestone. Evernote had promised its employees that if they reached the 10 million figure before June 24, each of the sixty employees would be given an iPad 2. Clearly, the milestone was achieved with a wide margin.

Google has announced that it will integrate the data collected from Google Webmasters Tool with Google Analytics. The program, which is in ‘limited pilot’ phase, will bring Search Engine Optimisation reports to Google Analytics, using the Search Queries data available in the Webmaster Tool.

Today is World IPv6 Day, when some of the biggest names in technology will be testing their readiness for the IPv6 protocol over 24 hours in order to make sure they can make the transition from IPv4 without any issues. Not for Profit Organisation RIPE NCC has put forward an interesting series of charts and tools which provides regular updates as to whether participating websites have been implementing IPv6 correctly or not.

PlayBook owners can now rejoice as RIM has unveiled a new update for the BlackBerry Tablet OS, and is pushing it to all end users. According to the company, the new update, BlackBerry Tablet OS v1.0.5 brings along with it a wide range of new features and enhancements.

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