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Oracle Tries To Sue Android Into Bankruptcy

Oracle is looking to take every penny Google has made from mobile advertising on its Android platform.

Back in August Oracle filed a lawsuit against Google for infringing on seven Java patents held by Oracle in its Android platform.

Everyone knew that Oracle had made massive claims in the lawsuit, but it was not clear exact what Oracle wanted Google to pay.

According to a publicly released document filed by Google, Oracle is demanding that Google should pay for past infringements as well form a future royalty program for the use of Java in Android, The San Francisco Chronicle (opens in new tab) reports.

Patent expert Florian Mueller, who claims to have examined the filing made by Google, said that the total damages amount to more money than Android has earned in the last two years.

If Oracle wins the case, Google, apart from paying a huge amount of money in damages, would be forced to make changes to the Dalvik virtual machine that allegedly infringes on Oracle’s copyright.

The changes will also impact thousands of applications available on Android and developers that are making them.

Mueller says that Google would then be forced to charge developers and device makes for using the Android platform. Such a move could result in a major restructuring of Google’s Android business model.

Some people have even claimed that the ultimate goal of the suit is to threaten putting Android out of business, and forcing Google to capitulate.