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RIM Releases Major Update For BlackBerry Tablet OS

PlayBook owners can now rejoice as RIM has unveiled a new update for the BlackBerry Tablet OS, and is pushing it to all end users.

According to the company, the new update, BlackBerry Tablet OS v1.0.5 brings along with it a wide range of new features and enhancements.

To make things easier for users, RIM has put in extra effort to keep the download and activation process for the update fairly simple. RIM claims that apart from enhancing the core functionalities of the OS, it also comes with numerous new features capable of taking users’ tablet experience to an entirely new level.

One such key feature will be the new, dedicated and first ever tablet-optimized Facebook application. Facebook enthusiasts can exploit this feature for video uploading, Facebook search, message deletion and much more.

“There’s so much in the Facebook for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet update that we gave the app its own post,” Michael C. of BlackBerry wrote in a (opens in new tab) blog post (opens in new tab).

“The BlackBerry App World storefront now enables BlackBerry PlayBook applications with in-app payment support. Whether it’s buying another level in a game, or a new edition of a magazine, in-app payment support means dynamic possibilities for BlackBerry PlayBook applications.”