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Rumour: Microsoft to make its own tablets

Might Microsoft be thinking of launching its own-brand tablet PC? That's the latest rumour coming out of Tawian and it makes sense. The new Microsoft has obviously run out of ideas and must be looking towards Cupertino and wondering where it all went wrong.

We can just just see Ballmer now, wandering up and down his office wondering how do we make an iPad? How do I lose weight? Where can I buy a turtleneck?

Loose-lipped component firms have told Dodgytimes that Microsoft is planning to launch a Microsoft-branded tablet PC running upcoming Windows 8 by the end of 2012. According to the sources, Microsoft is looking towards Texas Instruments for an ARM-flavoured chip for the device and is talking to manufacturers in Taiwan about finding someone with a cheap labour force to churn out the gadgets.

Microsoft refuses to confirm the whispers.