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Samsung Replenish gets eco seal of approval

The Samsung Replenish has become the first smartphone to receive an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) environmental certification.

The sustainability requirements, codenamed UL ISR 110, factor in environmentally sensitive materials, energy management, the environmental impact of the manufacturing and operation processes, performance, packaging, and the overall effect on health and the environment.

The Replenish, which is made from recycled plastic and uses environmentally friendly packaging, achieved the platinum level of certification, the highest level under UL's new grading system for smartphones.

As a smartphone there will undoubtedly be an impact upon the environment, but the UL certification looks for phones that have the lowest impact, letting people utilise the latest technology without having to worry about destroying the rainforests and burning holes in the o-zone layer.

The certification and praise is another boost for Android, with the Replenish running the FroYo version. The nature lovers amongst us will undoubtedly flock to this in comparison to rivals like Apple, Microsoft and RIM.

The UL certification comes after a 60 day consultation with environmental experts. The standard is currently an interim proposal, which will be published and voted on after further review.

It's not clear whether mobile phones fry your brains but the World Health Organisation thinks they might give you brain cancer. We're assuming brains don't count as part of the environment.