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UK MoD Under Heavy Cyber Attack

Another high profile UK politician has raised the alarm by saying the number of cyber attacks targeted at the country has increased significantly.

According to Liam Fox, the defence secretary in the UK government, his ministry had alone come under over 1000 “potentially serious” cyber-attacks during 2010.

The defence secretary reportedly revealed this information at the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry conference held on Tuesday evening.

He also claimed that the attacks on the cyber infrastructure of the country had almost doubled since the previous year, and that his department has emerged as one of the key targets of these attacks.

"Our systems are targeted by criminals, foreign intelligence services and other malicious actors seeking to exploit our people, corrupt our systems and steal information," Mr. Fox said as cited by V3.

"To give you an idea of the challenge, last year the MoD blocked and investigated over 1,000 potentially serious attacks,” he added.

Interestingly, it was only last month when Chancellor George Osborne had issued a similar kind of warning while addressing the Google's Zeitgeist conference. Mr. Osborne said that the government had to take care of over 20,000 malicious emails every month.