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£159.98 Novatech Minibox PC

The Novatech Minibox PC is a good deal for customers not only because of its sleek and compact design, but also for all the specs and features it carries.

It features the sophisticated Intel N270, 1.6 GHz processor which forms the very core of all its innovative offerings. With the built-in powerful 2 GB 200 pin and DDR2 (667 MHz) RAM, it provides you with a high-speed and reliable platform designed to meet all your day-to-day computing requirements.

The 250 GB 2.5’’ Serial ATA hard-drive is also capable enough to store all your digital assets in a highly secured environment.

But the most eye-catching feature in this highly reliable product is its innovative design. The ultra thin Chassis design in gunmetal grey with monitor mount is undoubtedly well suited for the title of “eye candy”.

The dimensions of the product are 250.5 mm x 168 mm x 22 mm, and as one can safely guess, it weighs really light, thus helping portability to a great extent.

However, the desktop PC does not come with a monitor, and neither does it feature a pre-installed operating system.

The Novatech Minibox PC can be purchased from Novatech, UK for an £159.98 only (Inc VAT).