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£389.99 Acer AX3950 Intel Core i3 20-inch TFT Desktop PC

The Acer AX3950 Desktop PC is a smart pick for those who want the best hardware configuration, as well as a sleek design in their PC, but all at a reasonable price. Powered by the Intel Core i3 530 processor (clock speed - 2930 MHz), the AX3950 brings along with it speed and high-reliability.

Add to that the power of the built-in 3 GB quality DDR3 RAM it can boast of, and you are all set to kiss the final goodbye to sloppy and annoying performance. However, if you still feel like expanding the memory even further, worry not! The product supports up to 8 GB of RAM. The system is powered by Intel H57 Express Chipset.

The storage capacity stands at 500 GB, in laymen term, it can accommodate up to 100,000 of MP3 songs, or thousands of high quality videos or over a million of images.

The display size is 20 inch, and is capable enough to provide you with high-resolution, crystal clear pictures. It also comes pre-loaded with the Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium Edition.

The Acer AX3950 Desktop PC can be purchased from Amazon for £389.99 only.