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Bikini Created With 3D Printer

3D printing is on the rise, with complex objects made from multiple materials being formed, but it is still a niche industry. Continuum Fashion aims to change that by using the niche technology to produce clothes with mass appeal, starting with a 3D printed bikini.

This new product from the fashion house, dubbed N12, is built from hundreds of tiny disks joined together through a 3D printing process. The name N12 has been derived from that of the Nylon 12, which is used throughout the fabrication of this tiny, glamorous garment.

Amazingly, the hundreds of 0.7 mm thick disks which comprise the bikini are not held together with sewing.

“Designing the bikini was an endeavor of pushing the capabilities of the machine as well as working with constraints," said Continuum co-founder Jenna Fizel (opens in new tab), TG Daily (opens in new tab) reports.

"A bikini was the natural choice to start with for 3D printed fashion, due to the low amount of material needed. The printer also has a set bounding box, and our original bikini design exactly fit within the print area in a single piece.”

3D printing promises to make it easy to mass produce any design from a wide array of materials when the technology finishes maturing, a time that could be closer than many realise.