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Computer Tech Installed Spy Software On LA Women's Macs

A Los Angeles technician has been caught installing spy software on his clients' Macs allowing him to take candid pictures of them.

The man in question, Trevor Harwell, works with the local home computer repairing firm Rezitech. According to police reports, that’s how he got access to his victims’ computers.

Apparently, the 20 years old technician, also a former student of the Biola University, was assigned to multiple Mac repair and servicing projects throughout Los Angeles and Orange County, and he used those jobs as opportunities to illegally install the software.

A spokesperson from the Fullerton Police Department shed more light onto the matter by saying, “It would let his server know that the victim's machine was on. The server would then notify his smartphone... and then the images were recorded on his home computer," Computer World (opens in new tab) reports.

The matter was first noticed by a Apple Genius Bar employee, who advised a former client of Harwell's to contact police following the discovery of suspicious elements in her Mac.

People's webcams have been used to take pictures without their consent in numerous prior incidents involving anyone from high school students with school laptops to the Dalai Lama.

Neither Harwell nor his firm Rezitech could be reached for comment.