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Google Hosts Kazakhstan Site Outside The Country

Google has decided to redirect the traffic to its Kazakhstan website to a new website hosted on servers located outside the country.

The move comes after the country’s Ministry of Communications and Information ruled that websites using the .kz domain address must restrict their traffic to servers located within the country.

The search engine giant claimed that doing so would help create a fractured internet. So instead, the company has started redirecting users to a new Kazakh language hosted outside the country.

Google explained that the move would ultimately result in low quality searches for users in Kazakhstan as the results won’t be optimised for the country.

Google did the same when it had challenged China’s internet monitoring policies, redirecting Chinese traffic to the website in Hong Kong for unfiltered search results.

“Measures that force Internet companies to choose between taking actions that harm the open web, or reducing the quality of their services, hurt users. We encourage governments and other stakeholders to work together to preserve an open Internet, which empowers local users, boosts local economies and encourages innovation around the globe,” Bill Coughran, SVP, Research & Systems Infrastructure wrote in a blog post (opens in new tab).