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HTC Sensation gets the iPhone Death Grip blues

The HTC Sensation is the latest smartphone to fall fowl of the dreaded Death Grip first made infamous by Apple's iPhone 4.

Phone fiddlers at Nordic Hardware say they have had the smarty on their test bench for a while now and have noticed worrying signal attenuation when holding the handset in certain ways.

The Sensation has more than a shonky signal in common with the iPhone 4 in that it follows Apple's unibody design, turning the device's outer case into the antenna.

The worst apparent drop in signal strength happens when cupping the device in an open hand, dropping the carrier bars my as much as 30dBm.

The report concedes that the attenuation is less severe 'in normal use' and that a silicon case stops the drop almost completely.

Apple's Steve Jobs infuriated many of its customers by telling them they were holding the iPhone 4 in the wrong way. He then said that the handset wasn't dropping as much signal as it seemed because the way the display bars had been calibrated was wrong. Then he offered everyone a free Bumper Case or a complete refund.

The company also marched out a long line of mobile handsets which it claimed displayed similar behaviour if you held them in a certain way.

The simple truth is, if you really want to make a radio device to drop signal, there will always be a way of doing it using nothing more than your own hands or fingers.

Unless, of course, we go back to eighties-style brick phones with eye-gouging antennas. No thanks.