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iOS 5 Introduction Compensates For iPhone 5 Delay

Apple disappointed its fans by not revealing the fifth-generation iPhone at WWDC 2011 but it did introduce them to iOS 5 which is a major upgrade offering some level of compensation.

The upcoming iOS 5 brings many improvements that will allow Apple to outrun the competition once again. Due to the revamped features and enhanced user-experience, iOS 5 users will feel their devices have been taken to the next level.

iOS’s Notification Center has been improved but some critics claim Apple simply copied the notification system from Android and Peter Hajas’ MobileNotifier app. Either way, Apple has improved on its previous notification system and made it simpler and more elegant.

Some of the new in-built apps may threaten the existence of third-party apps. Reminder is a rival for apps such as Things or Remember the Milk, whereas the Reading List feature from Safari may lead to the extinction of Instapaper and Read It Later. This is typical Apple strategy, once an app is useful enough the company will integrate it into the core of the iOS.

iMessages is a new chat app compatible only with iOS devices which could make SMS services profits plummet. The app is primarily aimed at young people and lets them chat with their friends for free.

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