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Man arrested for Mac spyware perving scam

A Mac repair specialist has been arrested following the discovery of his sideline: using spyware packages to snap pictures of his female clients in the altogether.

Trevor Harwell, 20, made his living repairing Apple Mac systems for clients of Rezitech Incorporated. Clearly finding the work unsatisfying, Harwell hatched a cunning plan: write a piece of malware that would capture pictures of the systems' users.

It's a technique that has been used in the past by people on both sides of the moral fence. Recently, a stolen laptop was traced after its user was able to snap a picture of the thief using a webcam application.

Sadly, Harwell's intentions were less pure. According to an LA Times (opens in new tab) report, he used the custom-made spyware applications to take pictures of women he had found attractive. Finding endless shots of women using their computers less than titillating, Harwell upped the ante with a variety of ruses to get some more spicy shots.

A particular favourite of Harwell's was convincing users to take their laptops into the shower. "You should fix your internal sensor soon," one custom-made fake error message read. "If unsure what to do, try putting your laptop near hot steam for several minutes to clean the sensor."

While the more technically-minded might find such advice suspicious, Rezitech customers are apparently a credulous lot. Following his arrest, police found 'hundreds of thousands' of images of partially clothed or naked women on Harwell's system. While many were from Harwell's spyware app, others were taken from his mobile phone as he followed his victims around the campus of Biola University where he was a student.

Police are advising those who believe they may have been a victim of Harwell's to check their systems for a '/Library/WebServer Documents' folder containing references to an application called 'Camcapture'. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.