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Microsoft Goes With HTML 5 And Javascript For Windows 8, Silverlight Developers Disappointed

Several Silverlight developers have expressed their disappointment over Microsoft’s announcement that it will primarily focus on HTML 5 and Javascript in its upcoming Windows 8 platform.

According to IT News, Silverlight developers hounded Microsoft over a video preview of the Windows 8 platform in which Microsoft mentioned only HTML 5 and Javascript and not Silverlight.

Developers, judging by angry Microsoft forums, believe that Microsoft has left them in the dark over Windows 8 and has let their development skills as well as money, go to waste.

Developer Nicholas Petersen has even written an open letter to Microsoft on behalf of Silverlight and Windows Presentation Foundation developers, claiming that Microsoft should give equal support for Silverlight and WPF on Windows 8 tiles.

“WPF and Silverlight developers have valid reasons to be concerned that the Microsoft .NET UI platforms they have grown to love and support – because they’re the best in the world – are being demoted in Windows 8 in a way that could relegate them to a place of obscurity,” the letter reads.

“This place of obscurity could even be a way of letting them ‘die on the vine,’ if indeed they were no longer put forth as platforms of the future, and supported as such. We would like to know: Do Silverlight and WPF have an integral, irreplaceable, and front-facing role to play in Windows 8 and in the future?” the developers demanded.